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Need Pain Relief?

Whether it’s neck, shoulder, arm, back, leg, or foot pain, have peace of mind knowing that our medical team are highly qualified physicians and regenerative medicine specialist, may provide the right treatment plan for your specific needs.

Why Choose Regenerative Therapy?

Reduce the Necessity for Major Surgery

Greatly reduce the need for surgery by treating injured tissues before the damage progresses any further. Imagine alleviating your knee pain without having to get a knee replacement. The goal of regenerative therapy is to heal injured tissue and not just mask the pain.

Quicker Healing Process

Regenerative therapy has helped many professionals and athletes heal rapidly from an injury and back to full activity. Regenerative therapy procedures are ideal for individuals who face ailments such as back pain, knee arthritis, tendonitis, ACL injuries, arthritis of the knee, hip or shoulder, rotator cuff tears, tennis elbow, hip bursitis, patellar tendon injury, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendon injuries.

The cost of regenerative therapy procedures depend on your specific treatment. If needed, subsequent injections are likely to have a reduced cost following your initial treatment. For more information, call 801-816-0332 to schedule a free consultation or register to attend one of our free dinner seminars to learn more about the Miracle of Regenerative Medicine.

Although recovery times vary, most patients can expect to see improvement in their pain and mobility within 4 to 6 weeks after treatment. Patients will continue to see improvement in pain and mobility for up to 12 months. Regenerative therapy patients experience rapid recovery and are back to their daily activities very quickly.

No surgery, no medication, and no hospital stays are just a few of the reasons why thousands have chosen regenerative therapies over traditional methods. Most procedures are performed in less than an hour with very little post recovery. Many patients are able to return to work the next day because it’s safe and natural!

What is PRP Therapy?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy has been clinically proven to treat pain and stimulate healing in the body. This procedure includes simply injecting a high dose of platelets, concentrated from your own blood, into areas affected by pain. This is a safe and natural way for your body to accelerate the healing process, rather than blocking or masking your pain.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy treatments are unique because they help the body jump start the healing process. Stem cells are the body’s master cells. They are undifferentiated cells that have the ability to transform into a variety of different cells and replace dying cells, and the potential of rebuilding damaged tissue, muscles, tendons or ligaments.

Dr. Vikas Garg, MD, MSA

Dr. Vikas Garg, MD, MSA is a double boarded physician, who completed his fellowship in pain management from the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, recognized as one of the best programs in country and moved to Utah to provide the most needed specialty in the valley and surrounding area. After completing medical school, Dr. Garg spent time in Michigan University, MI obtaining a master’s in health care administration focusing on health policy and administration. He is residency trained in Anesthesiology from medical University of Ohio, Toledo, OH and in Family Practice from Erie, PA.

He is very active in pain societies at local, national, and international level and has written articles for curricula of international spine society. He is very active in research also and has published articles on low back pain. He has edited a number of articles on pain management for online health related websites.

He is member of American Academy of Pain Medicine, International Spine Interventional Society. Dr. Garg looks forward to evaluating and treating all chronic pain conditions. Dr. Garg is well versed with different procedures including epidural injections, stem cell injections, facet joint injections at cervical, thoracic, and low back area.

Katie Toledo, ARNP

Katie Toledo APRN has practiced nursing for 20+ years and comes from a background in pain management, cancer symptom management, and Integrated Health. Her desire to create improved patient outcomes motivated her to get her Master’s in Nursing and become a Nurse Practitioner. She is committed to improve health and outcome of her patients and optimize their quality of life.  She is a strong believer that integrating building blocks of health and decreasing inflammation in conjunction with advanced structural rehab will assist patients to return to the activities they enjoy. She has received advanced training and experience in functional medicine, PRP, stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine and has found this form of treatment to be far superior than traditional pain management.

In her free time, Katie enjoys having adventures with her small family. They enjoy spending time traveling, and  creating memories. She also enjoys books, literature, music, and hand crafts. She looks forward to working with the wonderful staff and patients at Integrated Wellness.

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